Feline socialization normally takes place during the earliest weeks of a kitten’s life. In this process, she will learn to interact properly with cats, other animals and people. She will have many experiences with the world around her, so she will become accustomed to the sounds, sights and smells that she will encounter into adulthood.

Like many young animals, kittens accomplish socialization easily, until they have reached a certain age. When they have reached the end of this period, they become more naturally wired to be suspicious of new things. This is an important part of a cat’s life. The fearless and open nature of young kittens allows them to become more comfortable with things and people that they will encounter every day in their adult life.

The suspiciousness beginning after the end of socialization ensures that he will be cautious with new things. New animals or things in his environment may be dangerous, and after she has learned about socialization, she learns that she must also be wary of some things in her world.