Cats BehaviourCats are unique creatures with many behaviors that people find interesting. Whether you’re listening to the variety of their vocalizations or watching them land on their feet after a fall, their behavior is definitely intriguing.

Cats are not the social creatures that dogs are, but they have their own ways of interacting with other cats, other animals and people. Some of these interactions are so subtle as to go unnoticed by humans, unless you know for what you are looking. It will help to learn more about cats and their behavior, if you want to more fully understand these unique animals.

Cats have their own ways of marking territory, and even their people. Your cat may have rubbed her face along the side of your hand, and if she does this with her mouth involved, she may be marking you as her own person. It’s not like a slobbery dog kiss, but she is letting you know that you are hers, and cat fans find this appealing in its own way.

You’ll never know everything your cat is thinking, since she is a creature unlike any other. Cats will never be an open book for humans, but perhaps that is one of the reasons we find cats so interesting.